TRAVEL GUIDE – Nasuraan Falls in Libacao, Aklan

A place of adventure, excitement and tranquility will embrace you in the home to some of the world’s endangered animals like the Spotted Deer and the town where the Longest Wild River in the Philippines is sited.

Land Travel by Jeepney from Kalibo Terminal is about one hour to reach the Poblacion of Libacao. Afterwards, proceed to Municipality Hall for the registration. If you don’t have contacts in Libacao, I suggest inquiring first in the Tourism Center for the smooth travel – days of stay (minimum of two is suggested but day tour is possible if you will start early in the morning), where to stay, weather and food you gonna bring should be considered. Moreover, you will experience a quaint living so be ready – very weak cellular phone signal, no internet, only solar panels for electricity and most especially no Starbucks or Krispy Kreme for craving tummy.




Habal-Habal or motorcycle ride which can cater 4 or more passengers including goods is compulsory from Poblacion, Libacao to Barangay Oyang which takes approximate 2 hours depending on the road condition and stopovers. Price is negotiable.


I thought Balancing is only required in my Accounting Class but believe me, this is the real life (a paperless one) counterpart of it. Nevertheless, views are indeed priceless”


Getting to the gateway of our target attraction (Nasuraan Falls) in Barangay Oyang, Libacao, Aklan where we stayed was already a fulfilling part because of the Paningkon Falls which is advantageously located just beside the river. You will see another waterfalls a few minute walk that is also part of the said waterfall.



Aside from Paningkon Falls, equally captivating Kaeabnakan Falls trail is advisable to visit or if looking for an extreme ride, try the Wild River Bamboo Rafting Adventure.

But what made our trip the most memorable one is our Nasuraan Falls experience. Take note to have a tour guide and good shoes. Like in Kawasan Falls of Cebu, Nasuraan Falls has its own version of Canyoneering too (about 3 hours back and forth).

Nasuraan Falls is a plunge type of waterfalls and one of the sources of Aklan River. It also maintains its impressive water volume even during summer days.




Kalibo Terminal to Poblacion, Libacao (Jeepney)

1 hour

Php. 45.00 one way

Poblacion, Libacao to  Sitio Agbatuan, Oyang, Libacao

2 hours

Php. 200.00 one way

River Crossing (Bamboo Rafting)

15 minutes

Php. 10.00 one way

Sitio Agbatuan to Nasuraan Falls (Walk)

Approximately 1 and half hour

Tour Guide (Tip)

Stay (No Available Lodging So Far but Tent will be ideal / day tour is possible )


Foods bought in the Town Proper

Depends on your stay


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