As Pandan, Sebaste, Culasi and Tibiao are closed to each other, it is easy to hop from town to town. Don’t hesitate to ask, locals will accommodate your queries. Roads are easy to remember just be mindful of the landmarks.


By Air (Closest Airport from Manila or Cebu)

Kalibo International Airport

Caticlan-Boracay Airport

By Sea (From Roxas, Mindoro or Batangas Port):

Caticlan (Via RORO and 2GO)

By Land (Van and Buses):

From Kalibo, Aklan

From Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

From San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

From Iloilo City



Tibiao Eco-Adventure Sites


Do I need to mention the famous bath in a cooking pan previously used by sugar mill factories in Antique? How about the Bugtong-bato Falls and the White Water of Tibiao River – Zipline: Trekking; and Kayaking Activities. Already Well-known to many, Tibiao is the Natural-Adventure Site in the Heart of Antique.

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Malalison Island


Known as the Batanes of Antique for its landscape similar to what is in Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco. Malalison or Mararison Island for locals is located in Culasi in the province where Mountains meet the sea – Antique.

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Igpasungaw Falls


Have been in Surigao Del Sur and witness the famed water curtains of Tinuy-an Falls? Well, Antique has its smaller version placed in Sebaste.

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Bugang River


Bugang River has not been awarded as Cleanest River (Hall of Fame) in the Philippines for nothing. It is part of the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park  so everyone could  expect to encounter flora and fauna which some are endemic species. Excursionists flock in the place particularly in Malumpati Health Spring Resort and Naranjo Waterpark during weekends and holidays. Moreover, Eco-based activities are available for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Kayaking, paddle-boarding, paddle-boating and river cruising

All the mentioned activities are being offered in the Naranjo Water Parks. The location is near from Pandan-Libertad Highway compared to Malumpati. Have a try to its in demand Menu which Ostrich and Crocodile are the queen ingredients.


Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort (Swimming, Board Diving and Bamboo Rafting)

Malumpati Cold Spring is the most well-known attraction in Pandan among locals not only in Antique but in the Island of Panay. It is already managed by the municipal government of Pandan and collecting Php.40 Entrance fee for non-Pandan Residents and Php. 20 for its residents. Cottages and Rooms are available for day-tour and sleep-over respectively. You can ride a bus from Kalibo or Caticlan and drop to Gov. Leandro Locsin Fullon General Hospital and hire a Habal-habal or Tricycle. Negotiate with the price which normally ranges from 20 to 200 pesos depending on the occupants.


Water Tubing

The Activity Shop is inside the Malumpati Resort. The price of the activity is 200 pesos per head inclusive of a head gear, water tube and individual guide. The activity is recommended for group and the best time to try is during the month of June when the current of the water is tough.

The participants need to trek for 15 minutes before the adventure begins. Water tubing starts at the Blue Lagoon side and ends in Malumpati Health Spring Resort (Diving board area) where the group will arrange in a circle formation and tour guides will individually dive at the center.


Trekking to the Mystical Blue Lagoon


The name Blue Lagoon itself already explains its feature; Yes, it’s factually blue. Fresh water fishes exist and vegetation all over the place is in balance. Sad to say, swimming in the Blue Lagoon is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. The lagoon is roughly 40 meters deep according to a diver who sight-seen the lagoon yet haven’t reached the bottom due to strong pressure of water. Even until this day, no one has ever reached it and underground caves are still remained unexplored.


The trekking to the Mystical Blue Lagoon is worth Php. 150 good for 5 persons with one guide inclusion. Same tour provider as of Water Tubing. It’s is not allowed to trek without a tour guide and they have typical golden rules that should be followed:

Take nothing but pictures…

Kill nothing but time…

Leave nothing but footprints…

Bring nothing but experience.

But I have to disagree with “Take nothing but pictures and experience” coz it should be “take nothing but fresh clean water” because water in blue lagoon which local believed to have a healing composition is indeed drinkable.


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