TRAVEL TIPS: Alegria-Badian, Cebu Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls

In line for some issues regarding the rights of the Kanlaob River Canyoneering has not yet solved by Badian and Alegria towns, starting point had been divided into two:

Compostela, Alegria – 15 feet high entrance

Sulsogan, Badian – 4 feet high entrance

Nevertheless, all participants will meet up in the same route and end in Kawasan Falls – a 3-Layered Waterfall and awarded as the Eight Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World by Yahoo Life and Travel.





Canyoneering Package is 1,500 per head with different inclusions aside from tour guide, life jacket and head gear. Others include the following in the rate:

  1. Bottled Water
  2. Lunch (Depends on the number to join)
  3. Aqua Shoes (Others are for Rent for about 50 pesos)
  4. Dry Bag
  5. Resort Pick up (back and forth)

So better to negotiate and get the best one.


Approximately 40 Feet Cliff Jump in the second tier of Kawasan Falls

Fun is first but safety is foremost not just for yourself but also for your belongings. Wear life jacket and head gear all the time. Follow the guide’s instruction especially when having a jump. Non-swimmers are welcome. Cellphones are not recommended to carry even with dry bag; no 100% assurance not to get wet or it might be damaged while having an activity. Waterproof Action/ Go-Po Cameras are fine just making sure to have it with floater and bobber.

Using Sunblock Lotions are also prohibited because it has harmful ingredients that may threaten the natural balance of the environment.



Speaking of Action Cameras, bring at least 1 extra battery. The Activity takes 3 to 4 hours and it is a nightmare if your battery is empty in the middle of the course.



Restaurants are located in the end point (Kawasan Falls area) yet Barbecue Stalls are available in the middle of the activity. They accept your money even it’s wet.

TIP: If you don’t have a dry bag for your cash, you can use empty bottled water as an improvised one just like i do. Empty bottles are usually use also as Floater for Action Cameras. So use both for best result. 😀 😀



Day tour from Cebu City will be OK. Just get the first schedule of bus from South Cebu Bus Terminal. Choose the Bato-Barili and not the Bato-Oslob. It may may cost 150 to 200 (Aircon or Regular). Travel time will took 3 Hours with normal traffic (use Google Map it’s accurate). Ask the driver to drop in the Canyoneering Activity Shops or the exact location of your providers if you’ve booked online.



Overnight stay will be much fine than Day Tour because the canyoneering activity the next day demands physically and emotionally ready. Believe it or not, cliffs in Kanlaob River are not that easy to jump especially the highest one.

I suggest staying in Alegre Traveller’s Inn. No Reservation Fee requirement. Alegria Town Heritage Park where restaurants are also located is just walking distance. Staffs are warm and actively cater all your queries including your booking in canyoneering. They are able also to book our resort in Oslob, Cebu.


Locon, Alegria, Cebu, Philippines ♦ Facebook Account: D Alegre Traveller’s Inn Contact Numbers : 09202168540 / 09175649595 / 09232000220

“I want to commend the Guesthouse badly. They personally brought the PRC ID left by my friend in a remittance establishment near the resort from Alegria to Cebu City (3-hour drive). So kind of them even it’s beyond Alegre Traveler’s Inn’s premises already. We felt a 5-star Hotel treatment and promised to come back”



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