RECAP: Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island is strategically located in the northwest tip of Panay island and part of the Province of Aklan. It was awarded as the Best Island in the World by Travel + Leisure in 2012 and ranked second in 2013 and 2016. From 2011 to 2015 (Except 2014), Boracay was named the best beach in Asia by the world’s largest travel website, TripAdvisor in its Travelers’ Choice Awards and landed second in the 2012 World’s Best Beach Category. In 2016 and 2017, Conde Nast Traveler listed Boracay as the World’s Best Island.



Willy’s Rocks (White Sand Beach)

By Air:

 Boracay Airport (Caticlan Airport)

  • Located in Barangay Caticlan, Malay, Aklan
  • 5-minute tricycle ride to/from Caticlan Jetty Port

Kalibo International Airport

  • Located in Kalibo, Aklan
  • 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours travel to Caticlan Jetty Port
  • Vans are available outside the Airport leading to Caticlan.

By Sea:

Roxas, Mindoro to Caticlan Jetty Port (RORO)

Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port (2Go Travel)

By Land:

Iloilo to Caticlan (Commuter Vans and Ceres Bus Liner – Direct Route)

Roxas City to Caticlan (needs to drop in Kalibo,Aklan and ride another vehicles leading to Caticlan)

San Jose de Buenavista to Caticlan (mostly Ceres Bus Dominates the schedule of trips)


Ilig-iligan Beach


Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port

  • The main seaports use for Boracay

Tabon Port to Tambisaan Port

  • An approximately 20-minute tricycle ride from Caticlan Jetty Port.
  • Alternative gateway especially during Habagat season when waves are too bad in Caticlan Jetty Port.


2014-02-04 10.14.17
Lapuz-Lapuz Beach


Motored Pumpboat

  • Is an outrigger canoe powered by a small gasoline or diesel engine which also use by Filipinos for fishing. The one use for Boracay typically caters 20 to 45 passengers.
  • Php 25.00 per head
  • Php 30.00 (Night Navigation)

Boracay Express

  • A 24-hour operating fast craft to Boracay with every 30 minutes departure time.
  • With 200 seating capacity
  • Php 35.00 (local residents with Valid ID)
  • Php 75.00 (local and foreign tourists)


2014-02-04 10.13.31
Lapuz-Lapuz Beach


Terminal Fee

  • 100.00 (one-way; another payment will be paid when going back to Caticlan)
  • Aklanon (Residents of Aklan) and Workers in Boracay are free of charge. Identification Cards are required to present.

Environmental Fee

  • Php 75.00 (one time pay)
  • Aklanon (Residents of Aklan) and Workers in Boracay with Valid ID’s are excluded .


Puka Shell Beach



  • Dominates the road of Boracay.
  • Php 10.00 minimum fare
  • Chartered Trip usually starts at 100
  • If coming from Cagban Port or Tambisaan Port, look for the Information Guide provided by the local government for the transportation rate. Rate varies depending on your drop off point.

Multicab and Electical Vehicles (E-Trike)

  • Usually same rate with the tricycle.
  • Also available in the seaport perimeter.

Habal-habal (Single Motorcycle)

  • fastest mode of transport with negotiable rate (usually higher)
  • Not advisable due to security and safety purposes.



  • Boracay Island offers from cheapest to 5-star accommodations. There are lots of choices to choice from.
  • Fast Foods and Restaurants are everywhere. 24-hour Food services are available.
  • Boracay Nightlife is one of the world’s Best and dubbed as Asia’s 24/7 Island. Party usually located in the Beachfront (White Beach).




  • Island-hopping, scuba diving, parasailing, paraw-sailing, standup paddling, banana boat, flyfish, cliff diving, helmet diving, zorb, zipline, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride, mermaid swimming and other beach sports to name a few.
Famous Puka Shell Beach
Mt. Luho View Point
Puka Shell Beach


  • D’Mall is not a mall but it is a dining and shopping district and considered as the crowd center of the island
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is available in the island.
  • Major Resort/ Resorts, Restaurants and other establishment accepting credit card payments.
  • Foreign Exchange shops are located mostly in beachfront and along the highway which is easily recognized by signboard.
  • City Mall is the only Mall in Boracay yet Gaisano Capital Mall is now under construction (as of May 2017)
  • Talipapa Bukid, E-Talipapa and D-Talipapa are far to each other. So be specific when asking to get there.
  • Locals usually say “Boat Schedule” to the drivers if they are unsure of the operating seaport (Cagban or Tambisaan / Caticlan or Tabon) especially during bad weather.
  • Boracay has many beaches which White Beach and Puka Beach are the two well-known.
  • There is a golf course in the island.
  • Laboracay is the most recognized and most awaited event every year.
  • Try to learn some Akeanon / Aklanon Words while in Boracay like “Sa lugar eang” the statement you will need when you reach your destination and wanted to get down in the vehicle. Meanwhile, “Para” is acceptable.
  • Akeanon is one of the Regional Languages of the Philippines. Considered unique and difficult to pronounce correctly due to a close-mid back rounded vowel.


Two Aklanon (Akeanon) Tongue Twisters:

“Ro anwang naga-eu-ga-eug sa eugan-eugan”

(The carabao is wallowing in the mud hole)


“Ro kaeamay ga ku-eo-ea-put sa ka-ea-ha”

(The brown sugar is sticking in the frying pan)



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