How to Get to Osmeña Peak – Highest Point of Cebu Island

Osmeña Peak is Cebu Island’s highest point (1,013 meters or 3,325 feet) and sometimes labelled as the Chocolate Hills version of Cebu.





Take a bus from South Cebu Bus Terminal in Cebu City with a signboard Bato-Oslob (not Bato-Barili). Fare is about 106 pesos. Tell the conductor or driver to drop in Dalaguete Junction which is in the town center or just mention that you’re going to Osmeña Peak. Take Note that if you just go there for a day tour, make sure to be mindful of the last bus schedule going to your next destination.



Wait for a commuter bus leading to Cebu City and drop to Dalaguete Junction. If you have spare time after having a Whale Shark Watching or Sumilon Sandbar Adventure, visit first the Oslob Heritage Park (Php 10.00 Jeepney Ride from Barangay Tan-awan) and continue your journey to Boljoon Church which is Cebu’s only candidate to be listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Php 30.00 Aircon Bus from Poblacion, Oslob). Then take another trip from Boljoon Town to Dalaguete Junction worth Php 23.00 (Ordinary Bus).


Despite Osmeña Peak is part of Badian, it takes 5-6 hours of trekking before getting there from Kawasan Falls (Look for a travel tour provider in Badian). There is also a direct Habal-habal ride (Single Motorcycle) which ranges from 500 pesos and above per person.

If you wanted to commute there will be two options:

Badian-Carcar City-Dalaguete  – the nearest possible route. Take a bus from Badian and drop to the City of Carcar. From there, transfer to a bus which will pass by in Dalaguete.

Badian-Bato(End point of South Cebu Bus Trip)-Dalaguete – From Badian, ride a bus up to Bato Terminal then transfer to a bus going back to Cebu City (via Oslob). Some commuters drop in Tan-awan, Oslob to experience Whale Shark Watching and just made Osmeña Peak as a side trip before going back to the City.  But you can directly ride a non-stop bus to Dalaguete Town (for Osmeña Peak) from Bato Terminal.





From Dalaguete Junction, hire a Habal-habal for Php 200.00 roundtrip per head (minimum of two) or Php. 400.00 if traveling solo. Three passengers in one habal-habal still pay 200 each (back and forth price); unless you have a convincing power to demand for a discount. Multi-cab is also an option which can cater a minimum of four passengers. Travel takes approximately 1 hour. You can bring water and foods but make sure to throw your trash properly.



Upon reaching the jump-off point, go directly to the Tourist Center for the Name Registration and Entrance Fee worth 30 pesos. Camping Fee is Php 50.00 per head. Tour guide is optional due to trail is basic and easy but paying Php 150.00 or more for the guide is a big help for the community plus the fact that you have your instant photographer. Souvenir items like key chains, T-shirts and Refrigerator Magnets are available in the Tourist Center.



Osmeña Peak is part of Mount Labalasan which is situated in the Town of Badian but the easiest trek route and more accessible for tourist is in Manatalogon, Town of Dalaguete. Mantalongon is dubbed as the Summer Capital of Cebu as well as the Vegetable Basket of the Province; views might remind you of Baguio City and La Trinidad in Benguet. The temperature ranging between 18–25 °C (64–77 °F) so expect the area to be foggy especially in the morning. The advisable time to visit is during afternoon and weekdays.



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