TRAVEL GUIDE: Liktinon White Rocks and Panipiason (Agtughangin Falls and Ring Falls) in Madalag, Aklan


Madalag is the Largest Municipality in Aklan in terms of land area. It is known for its Sweet Lanzones produce and splendid waterfalls.

Annually it celebrates its Tinuom Festival (The local word “tinuom” pertains to a local highland dweller’s recipe with native chicken as main original ingredient). 

Meanwhile, Liktinon White Rocks Formation in Barangay Maria Cristina and the Agtughangin Falls in Barangay Panipiason are the major tourist draws. Both sites are considered one of the cleanest inland bodies of water in the country and just two of the allures which Madalag can be offered.


LAGALAG (Nomadic) SA MADALAG – “Escape Completely. Escape Naturally.”

Welcome to Charming Madalag




1. Via Kalibo-Libacao – the nearest and advisable way to Poblacion, Madalag

Request the conductor or driver to drop you in Daguitan (beside the Madalag Bridge). Ride a Habal-habal Motorcycle leading to Madalag Town Proper.




Bus Php 35.00
Jeepney Php 30.00
Habal-Habal (Single Motorcycle) Php 10.00

2. Via Numancia
– other one road to Madalag with minimal bus schedule and takes about 2 hours travel time.


If planning to visit Liktinon White Rocks and Panipiason, you must choose one at the time because they are in separate ways.

1. LIKTINON WHITE ROCKS (Timbaban River)



Habal-Habal – Php 300.00/head (back and forth and number of passenger depends on the capacity of the motorcycle). Having your own mode of transportation (4-wheel cars are okay) is an advantage just be aware that the road system is currently under construction and be mindful of falling rocks.



Guide – Optional

Entrance Fee – Donation

Others – Comfort Rooms are present near the location.

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2. PANIPIASON (Agtughangin Falls, Ring Falls and Hanging “Monkey” Bridge)

Monkey Bridge

Habal-Habal – Php 300.00 per head (back and forth and only two passengers are allowed per motorcycle for safety purposes). You can ride directly from Daguitan and no need to go to Poblacion to hire a habal-habal.

Guide and Fees – Tour guide price ranges from Php 200.00 above depends upon the negotiation. No entrance fee or environmental fee is being collected so far. Just make sure to Log-in first in the Barangay Hall before leading to the waterfalls.

Trail – From barangay Panipiason Proper, it will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour walk to reach the Agtughangin Falls. The Ring Falls on the other hand is advisable to visit after experiencing Agtughangin Falls despite that it is nearer and the way is just the same.

Agtughangin Falls – is a great venue for lunch due to the area is still windy even during noontime; created by the flow of the water above (How the name Agtughangin was created).

Ring Falls – is best for swimming as it is located along the river. Unfortunately, the ring which is the special feature of the waterfalls was totally damaged by a typhoon.

Monkey Bridge – located just a 5-minute walk from Panipiason Plaza. Before a modern hanging bridge was created near to this, it was the only way used by the locals including children to cross the river when the current is strong.


  • Bring your foods and water (Dispose your garbage properly)


  • Day Tour will be fine
  • Overnight staying is advisable if wanting to visit Liktinon and Panipiason.


  • No Lodging, Hotel, Resort and ATMs in town.
  • No Cellular Phone Signal in Panipiason and Liktinon
  • Visit Madalag Church (may consider as Aklan’s version of Ruin’s of Saint Paul in Macau, China)
  • Take a selfie in a Philippine Centennial Dita Tree at the nearby cemetery.
Madalag Church
Madalag People’s Park

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